I would like to take this opportunity to thank the professionals at Prime Case Funding for their timely aid during the long drawn out period of our case. Because of their capable and caring assistance, we were able to save our home in the face of foreclosure and mounting debt. It’s stressful enough when a family member is seriously injured, without having to worry about losing everything you have. When things were at their very worse, we were able to turn to Prime Case Funding who provided the funds needed to cope with this ordeal. There are not enough words to express how grateful and thankful we are for the great help Prime Case Funding has given us.

– T. M. California

I broke my leg in an automobile accident and my finances went downhill because I was no longer able to work. After a few month, I found a new job but by that time I had fallen behind on my rent. The last thing I needed was the disruption of losing my apartment while trying to start a new job. After calling several companies that did not pick up the phone, I got in touch with Prime Case Funding. Prime Case easily got all the documents from my attorney and approved my advance in less than a day. I paid off my back rent and have a chance at a clean start. So far so good.

– J. T. Florida

I applied for a lawsuit advance with several companies that claimed “low rate” only to have the story change when it was time to get the money. Prime Case Funding was different. They kept their word and offered me a deal at the exact terms that were offered the first time I called them. In my situation it was really nice to be treated with honesty and respect. The money was very useful in getting me through a really difficult situation. I would recommend Prime Case Funding to all that need a lawsuit advance.

– T. R. New York

I tried getting a lawsuit from several companies but they were all so difficult to get on the phone. I really needed money to keep my car on the road and get my back bills paid. Finally I called Prime Case Funding and they picked up the phone right away. They let me know that I had a strong case and they were always available to update me on the status of my advance. The money was transferred into my account within 24 hours.

– S. M. Texas

Mere words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the financial blessing you sent me. Honestly I was being evicted without a clue where I’d sleep or eat! Mainly concerned how I would afford Topanax for my convulsive seizures medication. All of this due to my Slip n’ Fall head, neck and back injuries that I’ve received no compensation for. I’ve even been in a coma. I can never work full-time again. I constantly suffer from acute migraine headaches, neck and back along with 45% of my body 100% permanently disabled to function and do all the things I used to enjoy like golfing...

– B. M. Georgia

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We offer the lowest rates in the lawsuit funding industry. Rates are dependent upon the type of case, but each case will be carefully considered.  

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What happens if you lose your case, but you already borrowed the money? You keep the money and owe absolutely nothing.

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Once most cases are approved, you can usually expect to receive your money within 24 hours. It will be delivered to you via overnight mail or direct deposit.

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