Attention Doctors and Attorneys,

At Prime Case, we can provide funding for patients in need of surgery as a result of an accident if these patients are unable to afford surgery because they have no health insurance or personal injury protection coverage. There is NO risk to you. You will be paid directly by our company for the surgery. You will no longer have to be concerned about the outcome of the patient’s accident case in order to collect on a lien or a letter of protection. Prime Case assumes the risk of being repaid from the proceeds of the settlement of the patient’s case.

So let Prime Case help you by funding the surgeries your patients need NOW!

Some of the most common surgeries that we fund include:

  • icon4Back surgery
  • icon5Spine & neck surgery
  • icon6Loss of limb
  • icon7Shoulder surgery
  • icon8Surgery to repair
    broken bones
  • icon9Skull &
    brain surgery
  • icon10Ankle
    & foot surgery
  • icon11Knee surgery

In cases such as these, many patients who are also plaintiffs consider pre-settlement funding companies to help them out. At Prime Case, we offer surgery funding for those in need. Here’s how it works.

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