About Prime Case LLC

Prime Case LLC was founded in 2010 by financial professionals who saw a need for fair and affordable litigation financing.  Lawsuit funding or pre-settlement funding can help level the playing field for individuals who may otherwise accept a low offer from an insurance company. 

Legal funding can also help pay for immediate expenses for plaintiffs involved in an accident claim. 

Prime Case LLC can help you regain control of your finances and offers transparent terms and contracts so plaintiffs can make the decision that is best for their financial situation. 

We are a member of ARC, The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Lending and ALFA,  The American Legal Finance Association.

We have been featured in numerous legal publications, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and have been recognized by Inc. 5000 magazine as one of the fasted growing companies in the United States.  

Since our founding we have advanced over $100 Million to plaintiffs throughout the United States.  



We Offer Funding Within 24 Hours Once Approved

We've Advanced Over $100 Million To People Just Like You

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