Financial Assistance After a Car Accident

How do you get a car accident cash advance?​

Auto accidents often result in serious injuries that can devastate your financial situation.

You can expect low rates, fast cash and the best customer service with us.  There are no legal fees, credit or background check required and the application is free for your accident funding. We rank among the best pre-settlement funding companies in America.

We are a lawsuit loan company that can provide car accident loans (advances) within 24 hours of approval at the lowest interest rates available. 

Automobile accidents are used to describe any vehicle accident. It can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, or a combination thereof.  

Thousands of our clients have used a car accident settlement advance to pay their bills, like car payments, school payments, childcare obligations, rent payments. or mortgage payments from their auto accident claims. If you suffered bodily injury, hired a personal injury lawyer, and need money before your settlement, then you are in the right place. Legal funding can help with your monthly payments that keep coming, no matter your situation, we will take care of it.

Understanding the details of your claim will assist you in securing an auto accident settlement advance. And help you follow your case until the final injury settlement. By reading our tutorials you’ll have a better understanding of how motor vehicle accident claims resolve from start to finish. 

We offer a risk-free accident lawsuit loan that has a great rate guarantee, and we have the best rates in the industry. So contact us today to start your application process, pick the best funding option and get cash into your bank account.

Pre Settlement Funding from Auto Accident Loan FAQs

Prime Case LLC offers legal funding with the lowest rates and the best service in the industry.  You will work with an account executive assigned to your request, you won’t be dialing into a call center and being passed around.  You can expect straight answers and results if your case qualifies for  lawsuit settlement funding.

Here are some common questions and FAQs about receiving a car accident cash advance. We can provide you with the best auto accident loans for your situation.  If you have any questions about your auto accident lawsuit loans please give us a call to get your legal funding started. This can actually be a much cheaper way to cover living expenses than using your credit cards.

We care about all victims, especially if you have experienced a personal injury from motor vehicle traffic accidents. Your car accident lawsuit is in great hands with us and we will get your lawsuit loans to you as quick as possible. We handle all motor vehicle accidents with the highest priority and work closely with your insurance company. Often it will take a long time to get a full and fair car accident settlement offer from an insurance company.  Some insurance coverage are difficult to deal with, so let us handle it.

Prime Case specializes in auto accident settlement advances and our rates are the most competitive in the lawsuit funding industry.  Remember accident loans are non recourse which means they are risk free.  If you lose you don’t have to repay your motor vehicle accident advance.  

A car accident loan can usually be processed on the same day you call in.  Once we reach out to your personal injury attorney, we collect the information we need on your auto accident lawsuit and a decision can be made shortly after that by our underwriting team.  Prime Case knows that time is of the essence when you are searching for an advance on your auto accident case to get your pre settlement funding from your car accident loan.  

The main three factors that determine the eligibility and approval of your advance from your car accident loan include:

  1.  How much insurance coverage is available?
  2. What injuries and damages have you sustained?
  3. Was the other person at fault or liable for your injuries.  

We provide loans for car accident victims as low as $500 and over $500,000 in some cases.  Our underwriting team will evaluate the damages, liability, and coverage along with the particulars of your case and determine who much we can advance you.  Usually this number is about 10-20% of your total case value.  

Determining the value of a case involves looking at a number of variables from the auto accident lawsuit.  Generically speaking the significance of the injury drives the value of the case, assuming liability is solid and there is enough insurance coverage.  Finally, the medical liens can restrict how much can actually be advanced on a particular case.  

We have conservative underwriting and that allows us to fund at some of the lowest rates available from you auto accident lawsuit.  We only charge simple interest and never compounding interest.  We can give you a quote right over the phone after we learn some details about your case.  

Accident cash advances are similar to loans but are not actually loans.  The amount of money you receive is not actually a loan.  

Auto Accident Car Accident Lawsuit Loans from Prime Case

You can submit your information online and we’ll call you back or call us directly and we can do a phone application by taking your information over the phone to provide information about a car accident loan.  We will immediately get the car accident lawsuit information we need from your lawyer or law firm.  If qualified- we can give you an initial idea of how much we can advance you based on the value of your case.  Receiving car accident settlement loans from Prime Case is convenient and quick.  Give us a call today and we’ll walk you through the process and answer all your questions about a car accident loan and pre-settlement funding for your legal funding from your car accident lawsuit. 

Our agents are standing by 24 hours a day on the toll-free hotline with the lowest rate lawsuit funding.  Remember accident loans are non recourse which means they are risk-free. So remember, accident loans are non recourse which means they are risk-free. We will verify your claim on a pending lawsuit with our free case evaluation 100 risk free. So give us a call to get your lawsuit advance quick and easy because no one deserves to suffer.