Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases do you fund?

We fund virtually any type of case in which you have been injured due to another insured party’s negligence, have provable injuries and have hired an attorney. Examples of cases we have funded include railroad lawsuits, car accidents lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuits etc. For a more complete list, please see Types of Cases.

Is this a Loan?

The majority of states do not consider this a Loan. Often it is referred to as litigation financing or litigation funding, but it is actually an advance on the future value of your case. Unlike a loan, if you lose your case you owe nothing in return! Legal funding is a way to focus on your case without having to cope with the financial burden or waiting for the case to settle to receive your settlement. We don’t just give you money, we invest it in the future of your lawsuit.”

Are there any upfront fees or costs?

Absolutely not! All payments are due at the time the case is settled and with a check from your attorney.

Is this expensive?

Even though we can offer you some of the lowest rates in the industry, lawsuit funding is expensive when compared with many other forms of financing. Accordingly, we highly recommend that you first try less expensive resources such as banks, credit cards or family and friends before trying our service. Think of our service as last resort legal funding.

Am I eligible for your services?

If you have a case and have hired an attorney you can be considered. To find out, simply fill out the application or call us toll-free at 1-888-767-4288. We will consider almost any type of case.

How long does it take?

After we receive the necessary information pertaining to your case and if deemed eligible we can have your approval within 24 -48 hours.

What can I use the money for?

The money is used at your own discretion; however, we do not endorse the use of money for frivolous or illegal purposes.

What happens if I lose my case?

You owe absolutely nothing in return! If your case is lost, then you owe us absolutely nothing. The process is simple and risk free.

Can you fund my workers compensation case?

We can secure your funding against your workers compensation case in most states. Please call us toll-free at 888-767-4288 for a list of states we are currently funding in. Please note that we can get you funding for workers compensation third party cases in all but a few states. A third party case is a case in which you are suing another party in addition to your employer or your employer’s insurance.

Can I receive money if I have previously received funding from a different company?

As long as your case has sufficient value, we can fund.

What if I need more than one cash advance?

Prime Case LLC will further evaluate your case at that time and in most cases will advance additional funds.

Is my case information kept confidential?

Yes, anything we receive from you or your attorney is used for a limited purpose of considering your case for a financial advance. We do not disclose information unless directed by you, your attorney, a lawful court order or a subpoena.

No Credit or Bad Credit? NOT a Problem.

Your advance is based solely on the strength of your case.

Do I Have To Be Employed?

No. Your employment does not play any role in the decision pertaining to the decision to fund.

How much money can I borrow?

If you qualify, the minimum amount that you can borrow is $500 and the maximum is $1,000,000+. The amount you qualify for is determined by the strength of your case.

Do you get involved in my case?

We do not interfere in any way with your attorney’s handing of the case. All decisions pertaining to your case are made by you and your attorney.

Can you give me legal advice?

No. We are not attorneys and therefore cannot give you legal advice. We highly recommend you consult an attorney for any legal questions or advice and we also advise you to contact your attorney and inform him/her of your desire to enter into this type of transaction.

Is this legal?

Lawsuit advances are permitted in the states in which we operate. Since we take the risk of no recovery, courts have continuously upheld in many states that lawsuit advances are not loans and therefore are not subject to the parameters of a loan.

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We offer the lowest rates in the lawsuit funding industry. Rates are dependent upon the type of case, but each case will be carefully considered.  

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What happens if you lose your case, but you already borrowed the money? You keep the money and owe absolutely nothing.

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Once most cases are approved, you can usually expect to receive your money within 24 hours. It will be delivered to you via overnight mail or direct deposit.

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