How to Qualify

What determines how much money I receive?

The amount of funding we are able to provide is dependent upon several different factors. Typically, we take into consideration how you were injured, the severity of your injury, the insurance coverage applicable to the incident, and the duration of time we expect the case to be completed. If you are approved for pre-settlement funding, you will immediately receive an agreement that outlines the payment schedule and rates. Again, if there is no financial recovery, everything is null and void. You pay nothing.

What is the process

  1. Complete an online application. We will call you if further details are required.

  2. We speak to your attorney’s office.

  3. Your attorney sends us case documents (ONLY when necessary).

  4. We evaluate the details of the situation.

  5. When approved, we will send a contract to both you and your attorney.

  6. Whenever we receive the signed agreement back, we will overnight the funding to you.

How lengthy is the procedure?

The evaluation process may take under a day based upon how quickly we get the documentation from your legal counsel. In some instances a brief conversation with the attorney could be all we need. Typically a file is completely processed within 24 hours.

Just how much can we advance?

Our office provides cash advances from $500 to $1,000,000 depending on the case.


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We offer the lowest rates in the lawsuit funding industry. Rates are dependent upon the type of case, but each case will be carefully considered.  

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What happens if you lose your case, but you already borrowed the money? You keep the money and owe absolutely nothing.

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Once most cases are approved, you can usually expect to receive your money within 24 hours. It will be delivered to you via overnight mail or direct deposit.

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