Did your case just settle? Can’t wait a few weeks, months or even years for your settlement check? At Prime Case, we are able to provide non-recourse post-settlement funding to clients in as little as two hours.

Here at Prime Case, we understand that you as a personal injury victim or plaintiff in a lawsuit need cash for your bills or everyday living needs and expenses. Insurance companies lack sympathy when it comes to cutting a settlement check. That is why it can take longer than necessary for funds to be released to you.

For instance, if your case was against a city, state or any other governmental entity, it may take anywhere from sixty to ninety days for funds to be received. If, for some reason, the opposing insurance company has filed for bankruptcy and is in liquidation, it can take months, or maybe even years to receive your check.

Another instance where it can take a long time to receive a settlement check is if you are part of the estate of a loved one who was involved in a medical malpractice or wrongful death suit. You may know the case has been settled, but you must wait for the settlement to be approved by the courts and the estate before the proceeds can be distributed. This can cause frustration to you and your loved ones. We understand and we are here to help you in your time of need.

Our services ensure that you will still receive an award at the time checks are sent out. We don’t want you walking away from your case with no money in your pocket. After all, you had to deal with all the pain and suffering and you deserve to be rewarded. All we need to see are the settlement documents from your attorney’s office and a contract will be on its way in no time.