Capital Now Funding Reviews

Capital Now Funding Overview

Capital Now Funding is a specialized financing entity operating in the heart of Louisville, KY. They primarily focus on providing pre-settlement legal funding. This type of funding is a financial product specifically designed for individuals involved in legal proceedings who require monetary support before a settlement is reached.

Their model is centered around providing settlement loans which are not traditional loans, but rather a form of cash advance against the future settlement award of the borrower’s legal case. These transactions are tailored for clients who need immediate financial assistance to manage expenses while they await the conclusion of their legal matter.

The company’s services hinge on the understanding that legal proceedings can be lengthy, thus creating financial strain. Capital Now Funding positions itself as a solution for bridging that gap, offering a lifeline to individuals in such predicaments. As a funding company, they assert the advantage of having a straightforward process with no hidden fees, which they claim to be one of their distinguishing features.

Products Offered:

  • Pre-Settlement Legal Funding
  • Settlement Loans for Personal Injury Cases
  • Other Legal Funding Options

Key Attributes:

  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Type: Funding Company
  • Specialty: Legal funding for pre-settlement scenarios

The company makes a clear distinction that, unlike traditional loans, the funding is repaid from the settlement proceeds, and should the case not settle in the client’s favor, the borrowed amount is not required to be repaid.

Customer Experiences

Capital Now Funding is recognized for its focus on providing post-accident financial support with a strong emphasis on customer experiences. Clients often highlight the service’s promptness and the ease of application processes.

Service Quality

Capital Now Funding has dedicated itself to offering professional services that are both quick and efficient. With a team that is described as friendly and helpful, many clients have cited the fast response time as a significant advantage, especially when dealing with the fallout from a motor vehicle accident or personal injury accident. The company operates with professional staff that are knowledgeable about legal funding, which streamlines the process of applying for a loan against a lawsuit. Although the office is closed on weekends, with Saturday and Sunday closed, they maintain availability during the week and can be contacted.

Fee Structure and Repayments

Capital Now Funding structures its fees clearly to ensure clients understand their financial obligations. Here is a breakdown of the typical fee and repayment structure:

  • No Upfront Fees: Applicants do not pay anything when they apply for funding.
  • Flat Fee: The service incorporates a flat fee, rather than compounding interest fees, keeping the payback amount reasonable.
  • State Regulations: All fees conform to state-specific regulations governing legal funding.
  • Repayment: Clients only pay back the funds once they settle their case; if they do not win their case, they owe nothing.

This approach provides an easy-to-understand financial solution for clients requiring assistance with their settlement process.