DRB Capital Reviews

DRB Capital Overview

DRB Capital is a prominent financial services company specializing in providing liquidity solutions to individuals and enterprises. It stands out in the market for its structured settlement and annuity purchase products that offer immediate financial relief.

Company Profile

DRB Capital, part of DRB Financial Solutions, is an established player in the financial services industry. It is well-recognized for its role in assisting customers in converting their structured settlement and annuity payments into lump-sum cash offerings. The company aims to facilitate liquidity for individuals who require immediate funding for personal, business, or investment needs. DRB Capital operates by adhering to strict regulatory standards, which underscores its commitment to ethical business practices.

Financial Services Offered

DRB Capital extends a range of financial products tailored to various customer requirements. Key offerings include:

  • Structured Settlement Sales: Providing a financial avenue for individuals to sell their structured settlement payments for immediate lump-sum cash.
  • Annuity Sales: Allowing annuity holders to cash out their long-term investment products ahead of their maturation.
  • Pre-Settlement Funding: Offering financial support to plaintiffs awaiting the resolution of legal claims, enabling them to access part of their potential settlement earlier.
  • Loan Services: DRB Capital also caters to diverse client needs by providing loan options that are settled upon the maturity of structured settlements or annuities.

Through these services, DRB Capital aims to deliver financial solutions that align with their clients’ immediate and long-term fiscal objectives.

DRB Capital Client Engagement

DRB Capital’s engagement with clients is anchored on providing high-quality customer service and maintaining a strong reputation through various platforms and third-party endorsements. They focus on clear communication and efficient service delivery.

Customer Service Experience

Service and Contact: DRB Capital reportedly emphasizes the importance of customer service. Clients can contact DRB Capital through multiple channels on their website, which aims to ensure easy access to information and support. The company strives to address customer complaints promptly, with an emphasis on providing personalized solutions to each inquiry.

Ease and Information Provided: Clients often mention that DRB Capital’s services are straightforward to use. The information provided by DRB Capital is designed to be clear and helpful, easing the process for clients to engage with their services.

Social Proof and Reputation

Customer Reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB): DRB Capital’s reputation can be observed through customer reviews available on their website and third-party review sites. They hold a rating on the Better Business Bureau, which can be viewed as an indication of their service quality and responsiveness to customer issues.

Third Parties and Rates: Reviews from third parties often highlight the competitiveness of DRB Capital’s rates. Positive client testimonials tend to reinforce the company’s standing as a reliable provider in the industry, while any negative reviews are taken into consideration to improve the overall service experience.

Practical Considerations for Clients

When clients engage with DRB Capital, they encounter specific processes for handling structured settlements and receive dedicated support. Understanding these practices is crucial to navigate the financial aspects and changes involved efficiently.

Process and Procedures

Clients initiating transactions involving structured settlements must adhere to a standardized set of steps. DRB Capital ensures that:

  • Each client is properly informed about the steps from the initial quote to the finalization of the deal.
  • Documents are provided and explained clearly to prevent misunderstandings regarding the transaction.
  • The procedure for submitting a request is straightforward, typically starting with an online form or a phone call.


  • Initial Contact: The client reaches out for information.
  • Quote: DRB Capital provides a financial assessment.
  • Agreement: If the client agrees, they move forward with the process.

Contact and Support Information

DRB Capital values clear and consistent contact with clients to ensure effective service throughout their business interactions.


  • Phone Number: Clients may call a dedicated line.
  • Email: For less urgent inquiries or document submissions.