High Rise Legal Funding Reviews: Analysis and Client Feedback

Overview of High Rise Legal Funding

High Rise Legal Funding is a financial service provider specializing in pre-settlement funding for individuals awaiting settlements from legal proceedings. This company offers financial support to plaintiffs involved in lawsuits, enabling them to manage their expenses while their case is pending.

Key Features:

  • Type of Service: Non-recourse pre-settlement funding
  • Applicant Profile: Plaintiffs involved in ongoing legal cases

The funding mechanism employed by High Rise Legal Funding is often referred to as a lawsuit loan, although technically, it is not a loan. The money provided is advanced against the future settlement or judgment in favor of the applicant’s legal case.

Financial Terms:

  • Repayment: Contingent on case settlement
  • Impact on Credit Score: None (since it is not a traditional loan)

Clients typically receive funding to cover a range of pressing financial needs, including but not limited to living expenses, medical bills, and legal costs. The amount of money provided depends on the estimated value of the client’s impending settlement.

Company Claims:

  • Quick and straightforward application process
  • No hidden fees or upfront costs
  • Repayment only required if the plaintiff wins their case

High Rise Legal Funding operates on the premise that access to financial resources during litigation should not be a burden, thereby providing a more level playing field for plaintiffs awaiting justice and financial compensation from their legal disputes. The service is designed to alleviate financial stress during what can often be an extended legal process.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

To be eligible for funding from High Rise Legal Funding, applicants must typically be involved in a personal injury case. This includes a wide range of incidents from car accidents to other forms of accidents that have caused personal harm. The primary requirement is that the applicant has an active personal injury claim.

Key Eligibility Criteria:

  • Active personal injury claim
  • Representation by an attorney

Application Process:

  1. Consultation: The applicant initiates the process by consulting with their attorney regarding the need for legal funding.
  2. Application Submission: Applicants must submit a funding application, including details about the personal injury case and contact information for the representing attorney.
  3. Attorney Cooperation: The attorney plays a crucial role, as cooperation and communication from them is required. They will provide the funding company with necessary case information.

Required Documentation:

  • Legal documentation related to the personal injury claim
  • Police report (if applicable for car accident cases)
  • Medical records demonstrating injury resulting from the accident

The terms offered by High Rise Legal Funding consider the strength and potential outcome of the case. It is important that applicants and their attorneys are transparent about the case details, as this affects the eligibility and amount of funding provided.

Applicants deemed eligible will receive a proposal detailing the amount of funding and the associated costs. The attorney’s input is often considered when finalizing any funding agreement to ensure the interests of the plaintiff are properly represented.