Oasis Financial Reviews

Oasis Financial Overview

Oasis Financial is a company that provides financial services to individuals awaiting legal settlements. They specialize in pre-settlement funding, offering non-recourse funding to plaintiffs involved in personal injury claims. This means that individuals receive a cash advance against the future proceeds of their lawsuits.

The business operates by assessing a claim’s strength and potential settlement amount before extending a loan. Their service is geared towards individuals needing immediate financial support to cover living expenses or medical bills while their legal case is pending.

Key Features of Oasis Financial:

  • Service: Focused on helping clients with financial needs during litigation.
  • Funding: Provides cash advances based on expected lawsuit settlements.
  • Loan Terms: Loans are non-recourse, with repayment contingent on the case’s settlement.

The Process:

  1. Application: Clients submit information about their legal case.
  2. Evaluation: Oasis Financial reviews the case to determine funding eligibility.
  3. Agreement: If approved, clients receive a cash advance with terms based on their expected settlement.

Oasis Financial’s approach is to offer financial solutions to those who need them during what can be a challenging time. They aim to alleviate financial pressures before a settlement is reached, without the risk of the client having to repay the advance if the case does not settle in their favor.

What types of cases do you fund?

Eligibility and Case Types

Oasis Financial provides lawsuit funding for individuals involved in various legal disputes, generally requiring that the applicant has a pending case with representation by an attorney. The types of cases they accept include auto accidents, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents. Eligibility revolves around the strength of the case and the likelihood of a successful settlement.

Medical Malpractice Funding

Medical malpractice victims may qualify for funding if they have a strong claim that demonstrates negligence from a healthcare provider. Oasis Financial will review medical records and expert testimonies to assess the validity and merit of the case.

  • Required: Evidence of medical negligence, active legal action
  • Funding: Depends on estimated damages and strength of the malpractice claim

Workplace Accident Loans

Individuals with workplace accident cases can seek loans if they’re involved in a lawsuit due to injuries received on the job. The workplace accident must be attributable to employer negligence or unsafe working conditions warranting compensation.

  • Required: Confirmed workplace accident, ongoing lawsuit, attorney representation
  • Funding: Influenced by workplace liability and injury severity