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I just tried your company for the first time. I was referred. I'm satisfied that they got me funded the next day. They are affordable and take their customers very serious and were very professional and respectful of my time and needs. I definitely would recommend them
I applied with them thru my law firm it took less than 3 days to receive an answer whether I was going to receive funding the paper work was submitted to me to sign via email which was simple to read and understand you get the option to choose the way you received the funding and it came almost instantly
Rosemary Johnson
I would like to thank George and the staff at Prime case funding, they have all been amazing and very understanding with my current situation. They have been very professional in handling my case. I will highly recommend Prime Case Funding.
Virginia Ybarra
If it wasn't for Prime Case Funding and their swift response and excellent customer service I really don't know where I would be right now.
Keshaun Hartsfield
Working with Greg and crew has been great! They make it easy to submit the necessary documents, and they are prompt to respond!
Frankeya Atkinson
Prime Case helped me pay my rent, helped with getting a new car and even helped me with money for food. These people are a blessing- always checking on me too.
John Brown
Best loan place ever. They are fast, quick and get you the help you need. Nicole is awesome, she gets things done when you need it. Thanks. I'll definitely go to them again and refer friends & family.
Chyna Rodriguez
Florida Lawsuit Loans

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Cash Advance for My Lawsuit?​

We can have cash in your hand within 24 hours of approval.  We take care of everything.  We work with your law firm and our lawyers evaluate your case.  There are no upfront fees to apply and no monthly fees.  We provide lawsuit cash advances on all types of personal injury cases.  Personal injury cases are common and the most common type of a case is a car accident case.  Other personal injury cases include medical malpractice cases, slip & fall cases, and product liability.  We can potentially fund any type of personal injury case including construction accidents, labor law cases, and FELA cases.  

What Do You Need to Process My Lawsuit Funding Request?​

First, we’ll reach out to your attorney and gather the relevant case documents.  Once we have the essential case documents such as the police report in the case of a car accident lawsuit, we can have our underwriting team take a look at the case the same day.  Depending on the complexity of the case, some additional documents may be necessary.  Once the underwriting decision is made, and if your case is approved, you will sign a contract along with your attorney and once the completed contract is returned, we’ll send you your funds.  

How is the Underwriting Decision Made?​

Our lawyers look at the damages, coverage (insurance), medical liens, and liability.  Liability is often determined by the police report when the case is a car accident claim.  Also, to obtain a lawsuit cash advance, there needs to be insurance coverage.  We can only fund cases that are against an insurance company, a government entity, or a well-known company.  Finally, there has to be some sort of damage from the accident including bodily injury.  This will determine your case value and consequently the amount of money that you can receive in the form of an advance against your potential future settlement.  

Prime Case Pre-Settlement Funding

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