We fund virtually any type of case in which you have been injured due to another insured party’s negligence, have provable injuries and have hired an attorney. Examples of cases we have funded include railroad lawsuits, car accidents lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuits etc. 


For California residents, an insurance company has between 1 and 85 days to resolve a car accident claim once it is filed in court.  For many people, this is a long time to wait when you may be out of work and not have a regular pay check coming in.  An auto accident case can take over two years in some cases to reach a final settlement.  Negotiations can take longer than many people expect.  

California Car Accident Loans


When you’re waiting for a car accident lawsuit settlement and can’t work because of injuries, managing your money can get tough. Being without a regular paycheck for a while might make paying for everyday things hard. This is where a lawsuit loan might help you out.

A lawsuit loan gives you some money in advance while you wait for your settlement money to come through. It’s like a safety net that stops you from falling into big money trouble. This kind of loan helps you pay for things like bills, school fees for you or your kids, and a car accident lawsuit loan can even stop you from losing your home.

Thinking about getting a cash advance against your car accident settlement loan? It can be a smart move to help you stay stable with your finances and might even be good for your case. Using a car accident loan wisely means you can keep up with your bills, pay important school fees, and avoid big problems like eviction or losing your home.


Imagine you’re waiting for some money from a settlement, but you need cash now to pay your bills. This is where a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement legal funding might come in handy. But what if your case doesn’t win? Do you still have to pay back the loan? The answer is no.

Here’s how it works: If you get a lawsuit loan, you only have to pay it back if your case wins. If your case doesn’t settle or even lose your case, you don’t owe anything back. This is great because it means there’s no risk to your personal finances. Your credit score won’t be affected, and you won’t have any debt collectors knocking on your door.

These lawsuit settlement loans are what we call “non-recourse loans”. This means the loan is only paid back from the money you get from your settlement, and not from your own pocket. If there’s no settlement, there’s no repayment to Prime Case Funding.

Think of it like this: you’re borrowing money from your future self. If your case wins, a part of the settlement money will go towards paying back the loan. If not, you don’t pay anything.

In the case of car accident loans in California, for example, you only pay back the loan when your case is settled and the settlement money comes through. So, it’s a safe option to get an auto accident loan for financial help you need today, without worrying about the what-ifs of tomorrow.  Make sure to pay attention to the statue of limitations in California.  


When you’re in a car accident and get hurt, it can throw your whole life off balance, especially when it comes to your finances. This is where car accident loans in California might be a big help to get things back on track.

Car accident loans, or what some might call pre-settlement funding, are there to give a financial hand to accident victims who are finding it tough to manage their money after a personal injury from a car accident. This extra cash can be used for anything you need – whether it’s paying your bills, covering school fees, or anything else that’s pressing.

One of the big perks of getting a car accident loan is that it gives you and your lawyer more time to work on getting a better settlement. It’s like a financial cushion that lets you cover your living costs, so you don’t have to stress about money while your car accident case is still going on. It also means you can say no to any quick, low offers from the other side’s insurance company because you’re not in a rush to settle.

Here are some ways to qualify for a car or truck accident loan might help you keep everything running:

  • Paying Your Rent or Mortgage: Having a roof over your head is super important. Pre-settlement funding can make sure you’re able to keep up with your rent or mortgage payments.

  • Covering Everyday Costs: Things like utility bills, groceries, and car payments don’t stop, even when you’re dealing with a lawsuit. A car accident loan gives you the cash you need to cover these regular expenses.

  • Handling Medical Bills: If you’ve got medical costs like prescriptions, treatments, or co-pays that your insurance isn’t covering, an auto accident loan can help cover these.

  • Managing School Costs: If you or your kids are in school, a car accident loan can help pay for things like books, fees, and tuition that you can’t put off.

In essence, a car accident loan provides a financial safety net, ensuring you can manage your medical expenses and maintain your lifestyle while your lawyer fights for a fair settlement.

What are common motor-vehicle accidents that qualify for pre-settlement funding in California?

  1. Collisions involving bicycles
  2. Incidents due to brake malfunctions
  3. Crashes involving buses
  4. Accidents with commercial transport
  5. Mishaps due to hazardous road conditions
  6. Incidents involving faulty tires
  7. Legal actions related to “Dram Shop” cases
  8. Accidents caused by fatigued drivers
  9. Collisions resulting from intoxicated driving
  10. Frontal impact crashes
  11. Incidents of hit-and-escape
  12. Accidents at crossroads
  13. Motorbike-related mishaps
  14. Incidents in parking areas
  15. Accidents involving walkers
  16. Tail-end collision incidents
  17. Recreational vehicle mishaps
  18. Accidents involving large trucks or tractor-trailers
  19. Crashes due to excessive speed
  20. Incidents involving ride-share and taxi services


Car accident victims should secure legal help with your California auto accident loan application.

If you’re a victim of a car crash in California and need a lawsuit loan, it’s crucial to have a skilled California car accident attorney by your side. Engaging with several personal injury lawyers, especially those with expertise in California vehicle accidents, enhances your chances of navigating through the legal process smoothly.

A dedicated car accident attorney not only assists you throughout the litigation but also collaborates with pre-settlement funding providers, ensuring your case details are communicated effectively to the lender. By hiring a proficient California auto accident lawyer, you position yourself favorably to expedite your car accident case resolution.

Your attorney will diligently represent you at every legal step and manage your lawsuit loan repayment should you settle your case.